Almost everyone looks for the joys in life whether it is a certain situation, person, or even joke. The slightest things can fill you up with a warm lovely sensation called happiness. This type of feeling can turn the darkest of days into the brightest of days almost diminishing any trace of displeasure. Being happy is a state of well being; a feeling of pleasure or contentment. This emotion is set off by a rush of endorphins in your body to the brain and nervous system. Many people waste a large amount of time in their life being unhappy, but fail to realize that it does not have to be that way. Happiness is not just for those who are fortunate in life or well off, but it is for those who make the best out of any given situation. Being happy is not a hard thing to do it just takes a willing mind and the right attitude. This simple change in your life can be a huge game changer bringing nothing but better ways and brighter days to come. Finding happiness takes just a few modifications in your daily lifestyle and in your way of thinking. Happy days can be always.

What does it mean to be genuinely happy? True happiness is not affected by troubles are circumstances. Sometimes in life, it can become hard to believe that this sort of happiness actually exists. But, did you know that happiness can be learned. It’s interesting to note that out decisions and self affirmation can make a big difference on the way you view life in general. If you are not happy, your judgment can be clouded by negativity and uncertainty. The following are healthy happy habits that you can develop now to help you on your way to a new outlook on life.

Surround yourself with happy and supportive individuals.

When you have taken out the time to handpick positive individuals, it will make a big difference in your life. These positive individuals will have an optimistic instead of a pessimistic one.  This will help you see situations in a positive light and you will begin to stop expecting and receiving the worst. Positive people can be found within your family or may extend out to your close friends. It may be true that you might need to change your circle of friends all together.

You do not need to throw away everyone in your life that does not see the same way as you do, but you should probably back away from the ones that intentionally belittle you. For the others who do not see things your way, you will be mentally stronger to overcome their negative thinking. Who knows? You may even be able to influence them to become more positive themselves.  Happiness and joyfulness are contagious traits that have a way of spreading to those who are around you.  Try to keep a dose of cheer in your back pocket at all times. You never know what life you may touch.

supportive individuals

Turn your frown upside down.

Remember, it’s just nice to be super nice. You may not feel the most cheerful all of the time. But, making a habit of smiling, even when you do not feel like it, may light up a room or lessen the gloom of a serious situation. You will also be perceived as being very nice. Think of positive thoughts to override your negative ones and practice smiling at those thoughts. The more you smile, the more it becomes a natural reaction for you. Dwell on your future expected goals and outcomes and keep your thoughts moving in a forward direction.

habit of smiling

Pay attention to your small triumphs

Have you achieved one of the goals you set for yourself, or maybe a step towards a larger goal? There is nothing wrong with taking out time to celebrate your accomplishments. Don’t take away your right to feel good about what you have achieved. Treat yourself to an extravagant gift, go out with friends, or throw your own party. The possibilities are endless. This will give you a mind set to look forward to your next achievement in order to reach your next goal. You will find yourself becoming increasingly happier and you will tackle obstacles with no problem.

Pay attention to your small triumphs

Be a giver

No matter how many other activities you are involved in, it is important to make time in your schedule to give to others. Good deeds go very far and the experience will be rewarding for you. Many times when you give to others, these good deeds, somewhere down the line, will become reciprocated. Good outlets to give are in shelters, feeding programs, and other types of voluntary work. There are many programs looking for volunteers. If you do not have the time for an organized program, simple acts of kindness. Maybe you have the ability to help pay for someone’s groceries at the story, or perhaps you can drive someone to work. Maybe you have can become a mentor for someone else. Whatever you activity you choose, giving is always a wonderful idea and tend to make you a happier individual.

Be a giver

Prefer meaningful conversation instead of gossip.

You may notice, on average, that unhappy simple-minded individuals enjoy in engaging in gossip and gossip. Many times this information is negative and hold negative consequences for the gossiper and those that they are gossiping about. They will quibble over small issues and argue over items that have no true or lasting value. Happy individuals will have a large world perspective and speak on subject matter that is meaningful to not only themselves but the world around them. Instead of arguing over what is for dinner tonight, a happy individual will talk about big goals and concepts. Conversation will rarely revolve around talking about any other person, and in the case that it does, it will normally be positive.  A happy person will also be a good listener. Whenever we find ourselves inspired, we can enter into the flow of things. They are motivated by skill, challenges, and goals. It is very easy to identify a person who has a happy mindset and is ready to achieve big things.