Author: Ali Ahmad

10 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked You Probably Didn’t Know

It’s important that we get an adequate amount of sleep every night. There are some things that we can do to sleep better, including ditching those pajamas and sleeping in the buff. Still, need more convincing? Check out these 10 benefits of sleeping naked. Less Clothes To Pick Out After a long day, the last thing you want to do is to have to rifle through your clothes to find pajamas. By sleeping naked, you don’t have to deal with this. When it’s time for bed you can simply take off your clothes and crawl under the covers. There’s...

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Why You Might Want To Consider Purchasing A GPS Drone

A GPS drone is a little different than a regular drone. It uses a GPS system to help the user navigate where it can go. You can set a specified area for your GPS drone to fly too and it will stay in that area. It will also come back to the location where it started without the user having to direct it back to it. There are many reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a GPS drone. They Are Fairly Easy To Operate If you aren’t tech savvy, but still want to purchase a drone, a...

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Lamar Odom’s Net Worth

Lamar Odom has been in the news a lot over the past 8 years, and it isn’t really due to his basketball career. In 2008 he married Khloe Kardashian and gained a lot of press thanks to becoming a part of her famous family. Unfortunately, he and Khloe didn’t even make it to their 10 year anniversary and got a divorce recently. Fans often wonder how much Odom is worth. The answer is fairly tricky, but we tried to break it down for you below. His Salary After Marriage Odom played a big part in helping the Lakers win...

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What Will Drinking One Cup Of Green Tea A Day Do For My Health?

There are quite a few different teas available to consume. However, one tea is supposedly a lot better for you than the rest; green tea. You may have heard that there are a lot of health benefits to drinking this type of tea. It contains nutrients and antioxidants that can be very beneficial if consumed on a regular basis. Here’s what drinking one cup of green tea a day will do for your health. Stronger Bones As we age, our bones can start to become brittle so we need to do everything we can, before this happens, to make...

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What Are The Habits You Adopted That Made You A Healthier Person?

In order to live a better life, you may need to become a healthier person. When it comes to health you have to include not only physical but spiritual and emotional health as well. Here are some of the habits that people have adopted in order to become healthier and to live a better life. Have What You Want, But Practice Portion Control Individuals often fail at healthier eating because they want to limit what they eat. While you may be able to lose weight by eating this way short term, in the long run, you will fail. Denying...

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