There are tech and fitness devices that are affordable for the consumer on a budget. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 offers some of the same tech functions as higher end models of activity trackers. For the affordability of the Mi Band 2, it packs a powerful collective data read for your overall daily physical activity intake. With sleek wearability, the Mi Band 2 is more than just a device on your arm.

How Does the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Function?


The Mi Band 2 functions with an OLED display so that the wearer can see more of their daily activity tracking throughout the day. With the functions of a watch, then Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can track your steps and heart rate. The activity tracker calculates every step that you take and saves as activity data tracking. The improved pedometer in the tracker, filters unnecessary movements, only giving data for a number of steps taken and physical activity more precisely and efficiently. With the built-in motion sensor, the Mi Band 2 can on demand track your workout. The Mi Band 2 accurately measures your heart rate when doing exercise so that you can have a more productive workout.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Extras


The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has extra specs which make it worth your while to buy it. We live in a society where people go sedentary more times than not. The Mi Band 2 will let you know when you have been sitting for too long and it will alert you to get up and walk around a bit. You can sync the Mi Band 2 to the Mi Fit app to monitor heart rate and run in Real Time.  The Mi Band 2 also has heart rate sleep assistance to monitor your heart rate while you’ ‘re in different sleep cycles. This will track enough activity to let you know whether or not there was an increase or decrease in heart rate while you were sleep. Mi Band 2 is splash, dust and corrosion resistant, so metal components and electric components are always safe. Also, the activity tracker is good for people with allergies to metals and plastics, as it is hypoallergenic.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Sync With Mi Fit App

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Sync With Mi Fit App

While using the app Mi Fit with the Mi Band 2, it will carry your identity in a unique way. Whenever you are in close proximity to your Android smartphone the App will automatically unlock for. Mi Fit App recognizes your Mi Band 2 through integrated technology so there is no need to enter a passcode or and other methods for security to use the App with Mi Band 2. The Mi Band 2 will also send incoming calls and messages to your watch via your smartphone.

While located in China, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 manufacturer is becoming more popular among international buyers of activity tracker gadgets. The future of the Mi Band is bright as there will be new upgrades and innovative designs for their tech and fitness gadgets. If you need something affordable, but accurate, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the way to go for you daily tech and fitness trackings.