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The PC and mobile computers both have their place in our lives. For the lightweight projects, we can easily execute tasks with a laptop or a tablet. For more intensive gaming and design projects, nothing beats a powerful desktop computer. The power needed to fuel these applications is far greater than what a limited mobile device can offer. As the technology in changing now you can increase your gaming time by using the wolfe supercharger

We use computers to accomplish many things. Some of these daily tasks included communication, data storage, project creation, video editing, audio, etc. What if you had a device that could work as your one place to handle all of these tasks including intensive gaming and virtual reality? Introducing the Wolfe… supercharge your laptop!

The Wolfe is the new, user friendly device that removes the hurdles to your success and bestows you with the power of performance and portability. Do what you love, when you want to do it…all on your own laptop. What’s a desktop computer? Desktop computers are a thing of the past.

Can Wolfe Supercharge used for gaming.?

Wolfe helps in gaming

The Wolfe is king when it comes to gaming, which is known to be resource intensive. It can perform better than most desktops available. You can vamp everything up to the highest, and have the same reliable performance.

What about virtual reality? No matter what your profession, you can use this device to experience the virtual world around you. Gamers can play, developers

can develop, and doctors can travel virtually through the body.


The Wolfe operates smoothly and efficiently to handle the most difficult of your tasks. Any application that requires more than just your average resources will benefit from his enhanced performance. You will experience everything as before, except it will be accelerated. The Wolfe plugs directly into your computer to increase its power. What exactly is the Wolfe? It is a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for the desktop that plugs in, utilizing its hundreds of microprocessors to enhance your graphic experience.

Guess what? You do not need to go out and buy another computer. You can use the one that you already have! The difference in your processing experience will be incredible. It is able to operate with the Thunderbolt 1, 2, and 3. There are also other devices that it will be compatible with.

Can it get any more powerful than it already is? You bet! You can use as many Wolves as you like, as long as you have a port for them. The boost in performance on your laptop will completely blow your mind and you will be left wondering how this could be possible on the laptop that you already own.

The Wolfe has also been designed as small and subtly as possible so that you can carry it around anywhere you go. Easily fit it into your computer case, book sack, etc. You can use it anywhere- at home, work, or play. No matter where you are, your Wolfe can come too.

The Wolfe also comes ready to use straight out of the box. There is no assembly or technical knowledge required to make it work. All you have to do is plug it in and click the installation prompt. This is all with one click.  You can also manage which programs will use the Wolfe so that you are in control of how your computer interacts with your system. Because of the ease of use on this product, desktops may not be needed in the very near future. The Wolfe makes things possible that were nearly impossible to accomplish before. This will also put an end to unnecessary upgrades and the fees associated with it.

The Wolfe had small beginnings about a year ago. The idea for it was conceived at Harvard University. The development of this device will bring a revolution to how we experience our computers and mobile devices. The Wolfe was designed to meet the need for power, simplicity, and portability.

Instead of an internal upgrade, to increase storage within your computer, the Wolfe is a solid external option for everyone.  You can supercharge even older computers, as long as they have the ability of being connected to the Wolfe.  Think of the hundreds, even thousands of dollars you will save over time. No need to buy a new computer, or run to the local computer guy for any extras.

wolfe Charging Laptop

Can Wolfe Supercharger Charge Any Type Of Device.?

The Wolfe was also designed to be a sturdy product. It will be able to weather minor wear and tear as long as it is store properly. The plug is also convenient and should be able to fit most ports on your devices. Remember, you are only limited by the number of ports you have on your computer, when it comes to the amount of power that you can add to your computer.

Instead of the normal jolt you would get in your graphics, when you know your computer is working hard to keep, you will be impressed by the smooth transition and loading of heavy content on your computer.  So, what does this mean?

For designers, you will be able to work easier with your heavier photos and video files. Your video will begin to not only load faster, but will also decrease the time you spend working on projects. The wait time that you would normally have between processes would speed up significantly.

For virtual reality enthusiasts, you will be able to explore your environment without hiccups. Because the experience will be so much smoother, the virtual environment will be seamless and come across as being more real, or more believable.

For gamers, you will no longer experience jolts and loss of graphic quality. Though many processes also integrate with processing and internet speeds, the Wolfe will bridge the gap between those processes. By speeding up and adding power to the graphics, through external means, all other systems will not have to work as hard to bring you the experience you always wanted on your computer.

Overall, the Wolfe may very well change computers as we know them today. Only time will tell what this future holds in the fast moving supercharged future of technology.