Are you concerned about how proficient your body is when handling daily activities can be overwhelming? Do you worry about elevations and decreases in your heart rate? For many people these are concerns; wondering if their body is functioning properly. As people are not able to take accurate self-data on monitoring the heart rate, sleep monitoring and data on daily activities, the use of a tech and fitness device can help.

What Is Withing Steel HR?

Withing Steel HR

Withing Steel HR for many is the messiah of fitness and tech activity trackers. The Steel HR is a watch, dubbed the first fitness activity tracker with the longest battery life up to 25 days. The Steel HR is a comfortable, yet classic design timepiece activity tracker that functions with precision. There are many things about this watch that makes it great and highly admirable when it comes to tech and fitness gadgets. The Withing Steel HR is transitionally wearable in any environment. For activity trackers, the Steel HR gives a comprehensive collection of data about your body.

What Does The Withing Steel HR Do?

What Does The Withing Steel HR Do

The Steel HR has many functions that make it the ideal fitness activity tracker. The Steel HR offer a simple and instinctive heart rate monitoring. During various physical activities that you may do throughout the day, you can monitor your heart rate. With the access of your daily performance, you can view data of your maximum heart rate in a personalized app report and the amount of time that was spent in each heart zone. Because heart rate indicates sure signs of heart health, the Steel HR automatically activates when you start any physical activities. Whether you’re at work, play or sleeping the clock will give you a holistic look at your heart’s monitoring.

The Withing Steel HR has 24/7 activity tracking, which means it functions while you’re awake and even while you sleep. The Steel HR gives an in-depth report straight to your smartphone with a comprehensive on-demand reading of walking, running and sleep activity. The Withing Steel HR is designed to show you all of your information through the screen of the watches face. The screen is very easy to read and it will show you heart rate number of calories that were burned, distances, the number of steps and smartphone alerts.

Bonus Features Of The Withing Steel HR

Features Of The Withing Steel HR

Some of the bonuses that come with owning an HR Steel by Withing is that you get a long lasting battery, that defeats the battery life competitors. The battery in the Steel HR amazingly lasts for 25 days before it has to be recharged for use. This allows you to do any activities with great physical performance, while not having to worry about the battery dying the same day. The Steel HR is waterproof, which is great for people who swim and wear watches underwater. The Steel HR allows up to 50m of submersion underwater that can still monitor and read your heart rate. The Within Steel HR will wake you up, by a silent vibrating alarm in the lightest stage of you sleeping.

The Withing Steel HR may look like a practical watch, but it offers far more than just telling time. The Steel HR helps to maintain your health, by monitoring your physical activity. With it’s sleek and durable design, the Steel HR activity tracker will remain a top leading brand with tech and fitness activity gadgets.