When we camp, we want to rough it. But maybe not rough it THAT much. A source of power can increase safety and increase fun! SunnyBAG Leaf may be the answer to some outdoors-lovers’ prayers. SunnyBAG Leaf+ is the latest offering from SunnyBAG – an Austrian company.

SunnyBAG products are integrated with battery packs that run on solar energy. The bags feature solar panels that convert sunlight into energy, which then simultaneously charge mobile devices. Users can also store power using a battery pack. SunnyBAG Leaf+ is an improvement on previous SunnyBAG products.

SunnyBag Leaf Features

SunnyBag Leaf features

  • Its mantra is “same size, twice the performance” – and that size is small.
  • The solar system is less than 200 grams.
  • It is advertised on Kickstarter as the “lightest, flexible outdoor system in the world.”
  • It is just a few millimeters thin, and is often paired with an additional power bank that weights just 120 grams.
  • The biggest improvement over previous iterations of the SunnyBAG is the power output of 6,2 watts.
  • It relies on unique Triple-Junction technology, which allow the panels to produce power even when not experiencing 100 percent sunlight.
  • It converts more variations of sunlight into electricity than previous models, and so can product more power, more easily. Each SunnyBAG Leaf+ features a 4000 man battery pack, a flexible and robust panel, and ports for both lightning and micro-USB cords.
  • This means that it is designed to work with any device that can be charged via USB – including smartphones, tablets, cameras, smaller video cameras, GPS devices and music players.
  • This means that camping and backpacking can be more satisfying than ever.
  • Users don’t have to worry about missing out on photo opportunities because of dead batteries, or getting lost because they can’t charge their GPS.

According to the founders, SunnyBAG Leaf+ is ready for anything. It is made of robust material, that resists scratching and impact. Unlike some other chargers, it works even during cold, rain, snow or wind. It features integrated hooks to easily attach to backpacks or tents.

SunnyBAG Leaf+ is currently backed by 584 people, who have pledged a total of $64,422. The original goal was just $24,140, and the fund launched in September 2016. The items are predicted to ship in November and December in 2016 to early backers. Because the project exceeded its early funding goals, the founders say they will add a USB-C connector, which users requested.


It seems like outdoor enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the arrival of this new product. Its predecessor was used and tested by serious hikers and climbers all over the world, and the founders incorporated their feedback into this product. It is the number one company of its type in Europe and also has an outpost in the United States. The product is predicted to be available for traditional distribution in retail stores in 2017, and the price is predicted to be €129. Backers who pledged €22 and above will receive them upon the Kickstarter campaign’s funding. Getting in early had a real price advantage for this product, but if previous iterations are any indication, SunnyBAG will have no problem selling this on the retail market as well.