With so many smart devices being released, Samsung has decided to come out with their own. Samsung has now revealed smart watch number seven. The new Samsung Gear s3 will come in two versions, including Classic and Frontier.

There are some key differences between the new watch and its predecessors. The face of the new watch now shows the time, all of the time. The old watch would activate the time screen when the wrist flicked upward, in the position in which you read the time. The new screen is a beautiful piece of artistry and is able to show a staggering 16 million colors on its display.

Both the Classic and Frontier versions of the watch are larger than the old s2 watches. The battery has grown, so the encasing has grown with it. And what is incredible, is the fact that the battery can last up to 4 days without needing a further charge. That’s amazing!


Just as before, the smart watch is not just for sitting on your arm and looking good. If you need to leave your phone behind, that will be fine, because you will be able to answer calls through your watch. The S3 watch comes with a speaker and microphone so that you can answer calls directly through the display. Answering calls will be as easy as a press of a button to talk to someone.

If you are more of a tech geek, there are more features that you will definitely be interested in. Among some of the features besides GPS, are barometers and altimeters, and the ability to connect by Bluetooth.  Feel free to connect other devices like headphones, etc.

Also integrated is the Samsung app that allows payments to be processed. It is hard to believe, but you will be able to use your smart watch to be able to make important payments whenever it is a necessity. This will stop you from having to use your debit card.

Other available and compatible services lined up for this device include music streaming through Spotify, Uber, and Yelp searching straight from the watch



So, in other words, you can listen to your favourite song, while calling Uber for a ride, as you search for a great restaurant in the area. That is an incredible amount of features for one smart watch. Just consider all of the possibilities and potential capabilities of this watch in the future.

In development, the capitalisation was focused on the design, as a classic and modern piece, while making it feel like a real watch. The straps are customisation, allowing you to get that perfect look that you may be searching for. It will feel less like a conscious weight on your arm and more like a traditional timepiece. The face of the watch is made to impress.

The Gear S3 is meant to be very durable. Gorilla glass was added to guard against common scratches that would potentially ruin the appearance and experience of the watch. It was made to last.