A new look

iPhone 8 New Look

The next iPhone always generates a lot of buzzes, and the upcoming iPhone 8 is no different. Rumors are flying, and Apple fans are speculating, and sometimes already protesting, about potential new features. Unlike the “s” models, the iPhone 8 will be a fresh new redesign, building a great deal of excitement among iPhone loyalists hoping to see some snazzy new features that have previously been limited to Android based phones.

If recent leaks pan out, Apple is looking to put out their highest-end, most feature packed phone yet. Coming on the 10th anniversary of the original launch of the first iPhone, Apple is certainly determined to make the iPhone 8 a major player in the smartphone market.

Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

One contentious and expected new feature is the addition of wireless charging. Opinions are divided on whether or not wireless charging would be a positive addition to the iPhone 8 lineup. While some Android phones already offer this capability, many smartphone users are content with the old-style charging cable.

iPhone users have been able to purchase aftermarket charging cases for some time now, and the lack of built-in wireless charging hasn’t previously driven away large portions of the smartphone buying market. This begs the question of whether or not wireless charging will be a significant draw and help the iPhone 8 compete against high-end Android phones.

Water Resistance

iPhone 8 Water Resistance

A universally welcomed improvement is rumored to be improved water resistance. The current generation of iPhone has some water resistance but lags behind some comparable Android-based competitors in this department. The iPhone 8 is expected to debut with improved resistance to water damage. Many a smartphone has been lost to the dangers of water and sand.

Considering that most smartphone users are rarely separated from their devices, it is imperative that modern cell phones have protection from the elements. Whether on the beach or at a swimming pool, chances are the new iPhone 8 will encounter many environmental threats.

The new iPhone 8 is expected to be able to withstand more exposure to water and sand without damage to the internal parts. It is important to note that the iPhone 8 is not expected to be waterproof. If you want to take your new iPhone 8 on a river rafting trip you would be well advised to invest in a truly waterproof case.


iPhone 8 Screen

As smartphone screens have become more advanced, offering high definition viewing, a lot of hype is given to the type of screen the next iPhone will have. The iPhone 8 is expected to come with an OLED screen. Recent iterations of the iPhone lineup have featured LCD screens. OLED screens are the next step up offering some important improvements. Compared to an LCD screen, OLEDs are capable of producing greater brightness and better viewing angles, making more use of the screen real estate. OLED screens solve the problem of light bleeding which means you see more true to life colors. Blacks are a deep, rich black. The contrast between colors is more apparent, making your pictures pop when you view them.

There is some speculation that different screen options will be available for the iPhone 8, with the OLED screen being a higher end and thus more expensive model. Some people do find the initial OLED picture style to be slightly off-putting, similar to the first time you see a high definition video. While these screens also tend to be very energy efficient, it is not likely that the switch from LCD to OLED will significantly impact battery efficiency in the iPhone 8. OLED screens are also incredibly thin and even flexible. While no one is suggesting that the iPhone 8 will be a bendable phone, the screen may help Apple keep their newest iPhone to the thinnest measurement possible. If you enjoy pictures or watch a great deal of video, you should be excited about this development!

Home Button

iPhone 8 Home Button

The ubiquitous home button. One of the last few physical buttons on the otherwise touch dominated screen of any self-respecting smartphone. Or maybe not. Rumor has it that Apple plans to remove the home button from the front of the iPhone 8, in a radical departure from previous designs. While many key features have changed since the original iPhone came out almost a decade ago, the home button has remained.

The removal of the physical home button on the iPhone 8 is likely to be an aesthetic choice on Apple’s part, although it does have some implications for functionality. Apple’s brand has always been about the sleek, minimal look and removing the home button only furthers this. The removal of the physical button may also point to Apple planning to make the iPhone 8 a slimmer device as has been their previous desire.

Phone Size

iPhone 8 Phone Size

iPhone 8s are likely to come in several different sizes. For a period the smartphone market entered a bigger is a better phase, with manufacturers racing to see who could come out with the newest, bigger phone. Often these phones blurred the line between smartphone and tablet, earning the moniker “phablet.” Consumers pushed back against this out of control trend and phones that fit the average hand are back in vogue. The iPhone 8 has been rumored to be coming in three different sizes.

The smallest model will have a 4.7-inch screen size, harkening back to earlier phones in the lineup. A larger 5.5-inch model will be available for those who need a bigger screen size, and the largest version will host the OLED screen discussed earlier in the article. The screen size of the OLED iPhone 8 has not been leaked yet, but we can assume it will be larger than the 5.5-inch model to take advantage of the picture quality the OLED is capable of producing.

What does this mean for the iPhone 8?

iPhone 8

All of these exciting possible features make the iPhone 8 a phone to be anticipated. The price point is expected to be high and may push the iPhone 8 to the top of the price bracket, but iPhone loyalists have never been shy about shelling out for the premium experience of an iPhone.