Mobile phones have many accessories that come in many shapes, sizes and colors. The advancements in this area has increased by 30% each year, many being designed by amateur designers from unknown brands who are trying to build an e-commerce nitch in the field. Also, many of the products are being design, built and sold in South East Asia and eventually making its way back to Western civilized nations.

The creator of Rmour was getting tired of looking at cases for his iPhone 7. The current ones in the marketplace were either boring or ugly, bland and non-tasteful. The material that was used to build them were not robust and many were flimsy, often breaking into pieces or scratching anytime they were being touched. The product design was terrible. Most mobile cases in the market make the device feel unnatural and taken away from the intended design. The people at Rmour were set out to build a case that would change all these issues. They redefined what mobile protection should be all about especially the look and feel, and protection that would guard it from anything that would ruin it and damage the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 case

Rmour is a minimalist designed iPhone 7 case with a camera magnifier and sleek hard case body cover that can protect the phone if dropped, or scratched due to negligence. Now you no longer need to get a super expensive warranty plan, which is a huge rip off anyway and sometimes many people feel like they are being scammed by third party cellular accessory providers. Well the joke is on them! This new revolutionary case will wow even the most negative non-loyalists, such as Android users, but if you don’t buy this first then you might not be in the right game as your peers.

Rmour has gold plated silver corners that make it look very nice and protect the iPhone 7 exterior from damage, weather, stains and any other external things that would cause damage to the phone. It is also baby proof so if you baby starts touching the screen with their dirty fingers, then the phone also has a very easy to clean face that can get cleaned just by wiping it off with a towel.

iPhone 7 case

Rmour will transform hand-held devices into distinct and versatile, but fashion friendly accessory that girls, women and old people alike would enjoy. It has a favored watch and bracelet that matches well with any type of outfit you wear and looks very elegant.

The creators of this product were all friends in college with different degrees. One of them was an industrial designer who left his full-time job to pursue this quest of creating the next best iPhone 7 case. After several attempts of unsuccessful iterations, he builds a beautiful product that has people wanting to own several cases for themselves and provide it to their friends and family. It’s the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, new year’s, anniversaries or any celebration gift that you want to give to someone. It also comes in various skins that you can also customize and get printed. Rmour does it all and they are very committed to exceeding your expectations. They also ship internationally.