The possibilities for Android continue to expand with the newest offering from Jide: Remix IO. As Slasher notes, “Jide has made a name for itself for pushing Android to the desktop, in places and ways that Google may not necessarily approve of.” Its latest product – Remix IO – takes Android to even greater heights by combining multiple functions into one relatively inexpensive product.

Remix IO is designed to be a TV set-top box, a gaming console and a PC in one device. It runs on Remix OS.

Remix IO is designed to be an answer to our technology explosion. We have PCs, we have tablets, we have phones, we have video game consoles and we have streaming sticks. Many of these products do not work well together: they rely on different apps and have totally different functions.

In contrast, Remix IO is designed to allow many different types of apps to work together. In its press release, the company says that users can “quickly switch from editing a Word document one minute to playing Clash Royale the next.” And they can play on the big screen – there is a TV mode, which can be used with TV remotes and game controllers. It also features larger app icons with an HD user interface, for ultimate ease of use.

Remix IO allows gamers to take advantage of the full panoply of Android games. Its Gaming Toolkit allows users to custom map their keyboard/mouse and game controller buttons so they can move fluidly between touch screens and standard controllers. It will also be able to install standard mobile games – and you can access those in TV mode.

Remix IO Gaming

Its PC mode offers an improvement over the previous version of Remix OS, enhancing multiple windows. It continues to offer multiple windows, multitasking, task bar, start menu, keyboard and mouse optimization, and more.

Remix IO supports a collection of apps from the Google Play Store, as well as those that are usually exclusive to Android TV devices. For families, it offers the critical “multiple user support,” which means that multiple users and guests can store their own apps and save data separately.

Its hardware features include built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, HDMI and VGA outputs, four standard USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, and and RK3368 CPU octa-core processor running at 1.5GHz paired to 2GB of RAM. It offers 16GB of storage, but users can add using an MicroSD card slot.

Remix IO features

Android Police describes its hardware as the weakest spot of the Remix IO, but Jide maintains that “Remix IO can handle 4k video just fine.” The hardware does offer a significant boost over the former Remix Mini.

Remix IO offers a special shoutout to the developer community with a developer kit – including 2 sets of SDKs along with their hardware. That means developers can help build custom ROMs for other Remix users, along with creating and optimizing apps.

Unsurprisingly given the passion of the Android community, Remix IO has already surpassed its fundraising goal. With 28 days to go, 3,005 backers have pledged $342,976. The initial goal was $250,000, and the cost of a device is $99. The devices are scheduled to ship in March 2017.