It seems like lately, sleep is a new frontier in the startup industry. Boll & Branch was founded in 2014 to offer more comfortable and ethical sheets and Casper was founded the same year to disrupt the mattress industry. Now, with Purple Pillow people can purchase their sheets, bed AND pillows from a tech-savvy startup. Purple Pillow seeks to follow in the footsteps of Casper, Boll & Branch and its in-house predecessor, Purple Mattress, by capitalizing on our insatiable search for the perfect night’s sleep.

The Purple Pillow is described as “the world’s first no-pressure head bed.” But what does that mean? This Pillow is meant to release pressure points, relying on the same technology that helped its founders create the Purple Bed one year ago. The Bed named as Purple bed was made of a Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which is a “super stretchy, super durable, non-toxic food-grade material”. It was combined with a Smart Comfort Grid, which created small columns throughout the mattress to redistribute pressure from pressure points to other areas. The Purple Pillow relies on the exact same technology.

According to the founders, it is a game-changer in the pillow industry – eliminating “lumpy foam, shabby feathers, and melty memory foam.” They describe it as a “bed for your head” rather than a pillow.

pillow image

Purple Pillow Interior

One way that that is true is in its weight.The Purple Pillow weights about 10 pounds, and is 24” long, 16” wide and 3” tall. Users can also use an optional air booster to add up to two extra inches of height. The other way in which the Purple Pillow is distinct from other types of pillows is in its shape. It avoids the pitfalls of other pillows by being a rectangle rather than a half pipe (which has inadequate neck support), a wedge (which prevents proper vertebrate alignment), a bulge (which has too much neck support), and a curve (which is uneven.)

The Purple Pillow is wrapped in a soft cover, made from polyester. The cover is washable, but purchasers can also use their own pillow case if purple does not match their color scheme.

If Purple Pillow follows in the footsteps of Purple Mattress, it should attract some fans. One review noted that users will love the Purple Mattress is they wanted pressure release, wanted to conveniently order online, sleep in multiple positions, and dislike being hot while they are sleeping.

It seems like that loyalty is paying off. Purple Pillow has already received $2,602,294 in funding – far surpassing their original $25,000 goal. This funding, which will end October 22 on KickStarter, was distributed among $17,561 backers. Its founders are relying on their experience from Purple Mattress, which was also well-founded on KickStarter.

The founders think their product is a relatively safe investment. Because they have the technology from the Purple Mattress, Purple Pillow should have a pretty seamless launch. They note that the money they are raising on Kickstarter is going to fund the production of more molds. So they can continue production at their Alpine, Utah, factory.

The founders boldly claim, “Most pillows are made from garbage.” It seems like their answer to this problem is going to be a success.

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