Technology is fluid and continually changing the landscape of how we operate in the world around us. In just the last ten years, our perceptions have changed on how we carry ourselves, how to conduct business, and how we communicate in an ever evolving ever revolving world. We have moved from complex processes, to the touch of a button, to voice recognition. This evolution has fostered in an era of continual upgrades, fresh ideas, and new inventions. Our gadgets are becoming even smarter, as scientists and engineers strive for technology to become more intuitive and human-like.

Of course we remember the days of the 8-track and tape recorders. We moved gracefully to the CD-Rom. Now, we have the cloud to store information for us. What about the evolution of the cell phone, move from clunky car installations, to walkie talkie style communications, all the way to the slick, thin, compact works of art that we grip in our hands today. As we move toward a world of all things virtual, we will naturally have the propensity to create new and exciting technology that will reflect our profile, personality, and interests. These cutting edge breakthroughs with attempt to streamline the many pieces of technology you already own, simplifying life, so that you don’t have to.

What kind of data do we interact with on a daily basis? We are constantly texting and updating our social media status. You make appointments while scheduling the details of your next vacation. In between that you have taken a selfie and uploaded pictures from the party you just attended. Life moves fast and you need to move fast enough to keep up with it. It’s a wonder you have not hired a personal assistant, but most people can’t afford that anyway. But, you figure you can wing it because after all, you have the smartest of smart devices available in the world. But as you attempt to manage your smartphone, your tablet, as well as other things, you begin to realize that it is a quite a job to juggle all of those devices, as convenient as they may be. Managing so much yourself can become daunting. You begin to long for a hands-free experience.

Perseus Smart Mirror

Imagine having everything you need at your fingertips, when glancing at your mirror before leaving out to work, to school, or even for a night out on the town. Now enters Perseus: The World’s Smartest Mirror. It’s the future and trust me, it’ more than just a reflection. So, we have taken the best of your camera, the best of your phone, and the best of your media and combined them into one central location and in a spot that you will never miss. Perseus, the World’s Smartest mirror, puts all of your smart devices to shame. You don’t have to worry about positioning your camera just right to catch that perfect shot, you will know about your next appointment, and will be able to answer messages on the fly. The impossible just became possible. Think of it as your new organizer, your personal assistant, or a new way of looking at yourself. Whatever the need, the Perseus Smart Mirror has it. It’s the mirror that is more than just a mirror.

Perseus Smart Mirror

The Perseus Mirror can accomplish all sorts of tasks. You can now easily record that YouTube instructional video without difficulty, and watch yourself as you record so that you get all the best angles. Think about brushing your hair and watching the latest ball game through the steaming video feature, without missing a beat. Get the latest updates for weather and news. Our fans spoke and trust me, we listened. After analyzing daily frustrations, working out kinks, and perfecting operations, the Perseus Smart mirror was born. Get rid of the endless sticky notes, and enjoy a beautiful intuitive product that is bound to please even the greatest or critics.

Custom built components were used to craft this sleek design at a very affordable price. The Perseus mirror comes complete with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to give this baby the ability to connect and sync with other smart devices. The amazing thing about this mirror is that it comes as plug and play. You know what that means? It means that is works straight out of the box! Amazing right? Just plug it in! The mirror also comes with an easy mounting kit. It can also be configured to fit your lifestyle and needs with the easy to use companion. Sync your calendar, add notifications and alerts, receive and respond to messages, take pictures, and stream video. It also has an augmented reality feature. Try on virtual jewelry and more! Install third party apps for added functionality. What other mirror do you know of that has all of these features built into one single location? Not to mention, the voice activation feature. Order an Uber through your mirror and get your location and estimated arrivals times through the mirror. This is just one of a list of cool and convenient tasks that your mirror can accomplish. The choices and possibilities are endless as users find more and more ways to utilize the features of the Perseus Mirror.

Perseus Smart Mirror

The Perseus Mirror puts you in control of all the main areas of your life. You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone is water and wondering how you will recover it. Your Perseus is a luxurious hands-free experience that you cannot afford to be without in your life. Integrate the Perseus Smart Mirror with all of your processes so that you will never miss a meeting, you will always be on time for your date, you can return messages quickly, and record that perfect YouTube self-help series that you always wanted to record. Perseus takes out the guesswork and makes your daily life simple. Next time you look at your reflection, what will you see?