When I make calls today, they are usually for business related matters. I always worried that perhaps the numbers for my clients and any personal data that I have on my phone could be seen by others around me as I take calls. This also worried me as well when it came to reading emails or text messages while I was in public. This was always such a worry for me, but I found a perfect solution to this big problem I have had on security and privacy.

I found a Kickstarter product that has become an obsession for me in hopes that it does get created, sooner rather than later. This product is called, Peek Screen 2.0, and this is the ideal product for my iPhone. What it does is allow me to place this onto my phone with ease and that’s it. It’s the easiest way I have ever found to gain this peace of mind when I do take calls outside of the office or decide to read my emails or text messages from my clients while not in a secure space like my office.

Peek Screen 2As a bonus, this also serves as a screen protector. If you are like me, you definitely will benefit from having a product that allows for protecting my fragile iPhone screen. Dropping my phone seems to be a weekly occurrence, and the durability it offers me feeling that I am not going to lose such an expensive item, my phone, over a simple accident. So in that way, I know that this will more likely be the most valuable thing about this product once I do get a chance to order it and place it onto my phone.

Peek Screen

Peek Screen 2.0 not only offers the privacy and protection every iPhone owner needs, but it also comes with the peace of mind that you’ll see your screen while outdoors much better with it, then without it. Sunny days and that glare and hard to see screens are going to be a thing of the past as this acts as a filtering system that does make things much easier to see. But don’t worry, only you will see clearly because it is not able to be seen by those around you, just you.

One of the best things, as if it could even be better after all I have shared already, is that it’s not going to break your bank. They have created this product out of a strong polycarbonate frame, and it’s been engineered to not only protect your screen but also it’s priced at an amazing cost factor. Who doesn’t want a great product without having to spend a large amount of money? This is also great to give to loved ones, friends and business partners as gifts. But, you don’t have to tell them that you do get a better price plan purchasing more than one so giving gifts also doesn’t hurt your budget. The more you buy, the better your price is on this product.