Online Dating Tips Nobody Else Will Tell You

Online Dating Tips Nobody Else Will Tell You

The internet has definitely made it a lot easier to find people to date – but at the same time, it has made the actual act of dating a lot harder.

Social media has elevated our expectations of online dating, but a lot of people still are flopping around trying to figure out exactly what the right social etiquette is when it comes to dating on the web. This creates a bit of a weird experience for most people that haven’t been in the online dating game for very long, which is why you’re going to want to make the most of the tips and tricks we include below to really knock it out of the park on your next date with someone that you met online.

Reach for your wallet first

A lot of people get hung up on whether or not someone should pay for the entire date or if you should “go Dutch”, so much so that there is almost always inevitable anxiety, confusion, and a lot of awkwardness when the check comes to the table.

If you were the one that initiated the date, expect and anticipate that you are going to be footing the bill. If they were the individual that initiated the date, expected they are going to want you to go Dutch – that way you have all of your bases covered.

Zip it up

Way, way (WAY) too many people spend the overwhelming majority of their time at a date talking about themselves, never really letting their date to get a word in edge wise – and inadvertently pushing that person away.

Whether this is because of social anxiety, narcissism, or some combination of both, you want to do everything you can to breeze as much air into a conversation as possible by pausing, letting them talk, and asking questions while giving them plenty of time to answer.

Let them know if you’re down for seconds

Ghosting has become a very common thing in the world of online dating these days. Essentially letting people think that there is going to be a follow-up date, phone call, or text but then never getting in contact with that person again – while actively ignoring any of the efforts that they make to reach out – ghosting is a nasty habit that you don’t want to form when you are online dating.

If you are up for a second date, let them know. If you aren’t, let them know that right out of the gate so that you both don’t waste any more time on something that is going to work going forward.

Be who you are and prep for possible rejection

It’s really easy to put your best possible self online (especially with social media today), which also makes it really easy to delude yourself into forgetting that you have flaws, shortcomings, and annoying little habits that might not mesh well with everyone else.

It’s important that you do your best to be who you are, as genuine as possible and as authentic as possible, during these dates while preparing yourself for the possible rejection that comes when you aren’t a perfect match for someone else’s expectations.

There are plenty of fish in the digital sea. You’ll do fine!