Working out will eventually lead to weight loss, but depending on the frequency and intensity of the exercise, the results may differ in their effectiveness. That aside, it takes dedication and hard work to shave off the pounds, so getting started right now is the best thing you can do to start losing weight.

How Often Should I Work Out?

Often, the magic number is specified to be one hour per day, leading to about 420 minutes per week. However, this is an often exaggerated number that is rather unachievable, especially for busy people. Strive to shoot for at least 150-200 minutes a week, leaving adequate time between each workout to rest your muscles. Just try to do something each day. Scheduling time for this could motivate you to move. For faster results, 300 minutes is ideal. Eating healthy and sleeping well will also lead to faster weight loss.

Best Workouts for Weight Loss

Between the different areas of exercise, you could do, cardiovascular training cited as the best way to lose weight. Start by jogging one mile each day to get into a habit, then start running for longer periods of time. Try to alternate between high intensity and low intensity workouts to build a base. Adding strength training, yoga, and other types of exercises allows you to work out different parts of the body instead of a single part. If you would like to exercise in less time, work harder during the time you have.

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