There’s a not so new phone that’s causing consumers to have some nostalgia. The Nokia 3310 Reborn recently. The phone was first introduced around 2000 but was phased out in 2005 as smartphones started to hit the market. However, many phone users have complained that they don’t want all of the bells and whistles of the majority of the phones on the market, so a lot of phone users are rejoicing that this phone has been reborn. The Nokia 3310 isn’t exactly like the old phone as some changes have been made.

The Layout

Even though the Nokia 3310 Reborn, the layout is somewhat different. Instead of up and down keys in the middle, there is a rectangular D-pad. This new design does make it easier for consumers to use the phone, especially those that want to send text messages.The text messaging features of the old phone are the same. For instance, you have to press the 2 button to type a, b and c. This can be quite the change for those that are used to QWERTY keyboards. It can take quite a while to type out even a short text message. So while this phone does have text messaging capabilities, it can be difficult to do on this phone, especially for those users that tend to text a lot.

The Weight And Screen

This phone is thinner which makes it lighter. Unlike its predecessor, it is easier to hold in one hand. It doesn’t feel bulky like other phones that have come out in recent years.The screen of the phone has also been revamped as it’s colored. The old Nokia 3310 phone only offered users a black and white screen which made it difficult to look at pictures on the phone.

Web Browsing

Users can do some basic web browsing on the Nokia 3310. It has 2.5G connectivity. While this is slower than 3G or 4G phones, it is suitable for consumers that don’t do a lot of web browsing. For those that are used to the old Nokia 3310 phone, this is a significant improvement as far as speed goes. While it is possible to access email and social media accounts, it’s more of stripped down version with the Nokia 3310 Reborn. There isn’t any Wi-Fi, and you can’t download videos.

Battery Life

The biggest perk of this phone is the extended battery life. It has 22 hours of total talk time once it’s fully charged. On standby, it offers a month of battery life. For those that don’t use their phone that much, this is a big perk to using this phone.

A Famous Game

One of the things that many users missed about the Nokia 3310 phone is the game snake. It’s available on this phone but is somewhat different. On the old version of the phone users could only move up, down, left and right. The snake can now be moved multi-directional and is in color. Some welcome this change but hated by others.