The amount of water we intake on a daily basis is very important for all of your bodily functions. As many of us know, a great portion of the human body is made of water. So, we must drink water to remain healthy. The stability of your body, mentally and physically, depends on it. Many smart water bottles have been developed to keep up with the digital era. They are designed to help you estimate the amount of water you have consumed during any given period of time. The only problem is that in all of that time, how much water your body is actually absorbing is not measured. A company called BSX Technologies has developed the LVL, which can be worn to measure your hydration levels.

Normally, when your hydration levels fall drastically, there can be many adverse effects on the human body. If the symptoms are too severe, these normally constitute a visit to either the doctor or the emergency room. They will then measure your levels and sometimes hook you up to an IV to increase your levels of electrolytes very quickly. With the development of the LVL, it is possible that visits to the emergency room will decrease significantly.

Current technology uses certain sensors to test different rates in the body. This new development uses an infrared sensor that operates below the skin’s surface which is far more accurate than any other technology currently available. The LVL reaches at least ten times deeper than the Apple Watch and Fitbit. This kind of accuracy is simply amazing.

The LVL can quantify measurements of blood, sorting out what percent of that blood is water and what part is your heart rate. Freckleton, the inventor of the LVL was trying to find a simple solution that measures his hydration levels. He ran testing in his own “sweat shops” to simulate environments that would create dehydration. It was very hot and extremely low in moisture. The LVL’s were used and tweaked until accuracy was achieved.

With hotter weather, it is extremely easy to become dehydrated very quickly. Dehydration can even happen when you are sleeping. This is why you feel so bad when you wake up in the morning. The LVL connects to its own app and will help you combat this problem.

The LVL is very attractive and comes with a color touchscreen. There are also coordinating buttons and has an accelerometer, an antenna, and a battery. The battery can last for 4 hours, which is perfect for quick checks of hydration. The band can come in leather or silicon. The look is similar to a Fitbit.

The LVL app begins to learn about you over time, such as your preferences and habits. As the band learns more about you, it will readjust and become more customized to you. The screen will tell you when it is time to drink water, and will suggest the proper amounts to drink. It can also make future predictions about your intake.