Wireless chargers are becoming all the rage as society races toward the new advance of products that will streamline the way they interact with the world around them. How does the ability to go wireless change the way we operate today? I’m glad you asked this very relevant and important question. The ability to move toward wireless technology will allow us greater flexibility in the way we are able to operate. It is no longer a plug-in-socket experience. The integration of features offered by new and innovative chargers will release the potential to transform wireless chargers into not only recharging hubs for several devices, but also unleash additional capabilities for use in various ways.

We all know the routine a little too well. You run low on your charge and are looking for ways to plug in so that you can stay afloat.You never want to miss important messages and vital texts that seem to create eternal notifications on your phone. You would go crazy if you missed that social media update that you had been waiting for all day. What about missing that long awaited phone call? These needs have us running to the nearest socket so that we can plug in. Yes, we have a tendency to stop what we are doing to charge our devices even in the midst of a busy, public place. We will sit by our phones as it charges in the wall, sending that all important text, uploading that picture, or updating that post. Is it a pretty look? Probably not, but does it get the job done?…Probably so.

Tired of twisting in a pretzel over your smart devices? Well, it is a pleasure to introduce LIFT, the levitating smart watch charger. Watch your Apple or Pebble watch levitate in mid air as it charges to full capacity. This charger uses an amazing induction system. Just place your smart watch over the base and watch it charge in mid air. Gone is the need for being tangled up in wires!

LIFT charger

This smart watch charger is very much unlike anything seen in the market before and looks very futuristic. LIFT comes complete with a base and a small block. The watch sits on this block. From there is lifts into the air, and floats, as if to levitate. This device would not only be useful, but will leave others extremely impressed by this subtle art piece.

The smart watch charger features a classic design. LIFT was influenced by Apple design and a touch of timeless simplicity. Just think, years from now, this design will not be old, because it captures all of the classic hallmarks of smart design. Painstaking attention has been given for detail, simplicity, and usability. LIFT will be a beautiful addition to your beautiful art collection. This charger is the very first in its category.

LIFT charger

The highest standard in quality and craftsmanship was used in the making of the LIFT smart watch charger. The feel of the charger will also match the feel of your smart watch. Materials have been used for performance and ease of function. Machine aluminum has been used to reinforce the charger and medical grade ceramics were used for the induction system on which it functions.

Check this out! The LIFT charger is great for on the go. Its main charging unit can give your smart watch a total of not just one, but two charges!  That is great power stored in such a small box! The internal battery that it houses has great capacity to be there for you, when you need it the most. Leave your worries behind. Don’t worry about being stranded, without charge in an emergency situation, or have your charge go down in the middle of an important meeting. The LIFT charger has cured all of these problems for you and brought back the confidence in your smart devices.  Besides, what is a smart device without a smart charger? LIFT also comes complete with a circuit board of power and technology beneath its base. LIFT knows when the smart watch has reached a 100% charge and will switch on an off to preserve your smart watch battery.

With so much to be excited about with the LIFT charger, there is still more that this charger can do! While the LIFT charger is not busy being a smart watch charger, it can do other things. LIFT is also a smart lamp. Let there be light!  The lamp is called the Orb, and is also the first wireless lamp of its kind. Just as you place the smart watch over the charging base, you place the Orb in the same way. It will float wirelessly and light up the area around you. The Orb allows you to spread light across anywhere you would like.  The Orb is also magnetic. This means that it can attach to any metal surface. Just imagine spreading several Orbs around your home as a decorative piece or to add light in a beautiful way. This can be use indoors or outdoors.

LIFT charger

But wait! You guessed it… there is still more. Did you think that the people at Levitation Works would only think about smart watches and nothing else? Think again! Do you need to charge your smart phone and don’t feel like messing with the cord or plugging into the wall? What makes LIFT so special is that it has so many uses. It has the capacity to charge up even your smart phones. Simply lay your smart phone device on the charging base and watch as your smart phone gets a quick charge from the powerful LIFT charging base.

Between innovators, engineers, and designers, you have finally been served a perfect dish of design, technology, performance, and usability, with a side of impossibility.  The LIFT charger is such a timeless treasure and will be enjoyed for years to come. The real question for the LIFT charger is finding the things that it can’t do. Make sure to check out this innovation and defy gravity in the process.