What we know as the old trusty classic wallet has been used for years as a way of holding your all important credit cards, business cards, license, and of course, your cash. The flexibility to choose your own wallet design has fueled brand designers for years, as they have sought to find the perfect fit for every walk of life. Whether you are a male who needs something rough and tough to last through your construction job or a white color worker, needing something more sleek and professional looking, there has been a wallet made for just about every occasion. There have also been wallets that have debuted and advertised as indestructible, withstanding being rolled over by a truck or thrown in the river. Women have also had every design imaginable from large and bulky, all the way down to slim and sexy, to nearly invisible. Have we come to disrupt your love for fashion? Absolutely not! Maintain your fashion and wallet choices. We have only come to make your top picks smarter!

You don’t have to leave the world of fashion to trade off for something ugly and techy. Your wallet does not need to look unusual or come in only one color so that you are never able to match it with the appropriate accessories. Continue to maintain your level of professionalism, style, and sophistication. Choose what wallet you are interested in. Get your $5 wallet for the party or your $500 wallet for the banquet and we can make them both the same amount of smart.

You don’t have to worry about losing your precious wallet again because you will now have access to LEIF. The LEIF makes any wallet you choose into the smartest wallet around. Yes, your wallet just became smarter. Guard your personal information, credit cards, and money with this small addition to your accessories.

Smart Wallet

Wallets are going through an evolution right now. As you look around you will soon realize that smart wallets are on the rise. These smart wallets are designed to alleviate some of your stress and worry and make life easier for you. It is a wonderful idea, but through all of the countless option of smart wallets out there, never have you encountered an option that will allow you to keep your own wallet, or the wallet of your choosing. That is what sets the LEIF apart from other smart wallets. You see, the LEIF is not a smart wallet itself. It is the important component that makes any wallet into a smart wallet.

The LEIF looks like any other credit card in your wallet. It is thin, sleek, and can be inserted into any wallet. Don’t worry about extra bulkiness in your wallet. There are other tracking devices out there, but they add unwanted weight and bulk. The LEIF is so thin that it is practically undetectable. Who knew such a small card could pack so much technology? A few of the many features included Pin Smart recovery, Radius tracking, and theft alerts.

Smart Wallet

The LEIF is very attentive, based off of your location. The LEIF’s tracking system will allow you to access a map and draw up what you consider “safe zones”.  These areas can include your home or similar area. This will stop your smart wallet from going off in all the wrong places like the bedroom or the kitchen. Once you leave these safe zones, you will receive a notification that you left your wallet behind. You can also find a lost wallet within your safe radius. It is as simple as hitting the find button. Discover where your two year old was playing with your wallet, and find out where he hid it. Retrace the location to the bathroom sink, or by the washer where you were last washing clothes. Maybe you left it in the car and it fell under the seat. No matter the situation you may find yourself in, the LEIF has the perfect solution for you.

Has someone tried to steal your wallet? You can retrace your steps and LEIF will let you know that you are in range. Once you are in range, you can click the find button and the LEIF app will let you know how many feet you are from your wallet.

Perhaps you are extremely busy and in the midst of it all, you missed the first notification warning chime. LEIF will recognize that you missed the notification and drop a pin in the location of your wallet on the map. It will then pull information from Google maps to find out exactly where you left your wallet. If there is an associated phone number, LEIF will pull that too.

Smart Wallet

The LEIF is smart and simple all in one.  The LEIF comes with bend and flex technology. That means that your LEIF can bend with every bend and flex with your every flex. No need to worry about sitting on your wallet. This wallet works with what you have instead of being a major technological distraction.

There has never been a tracking device that has all of the qualities of the LEIF. It is quite functional and works hard so that you don’t have to. It’s smart, thin, and easy to carry. LEIF is a fully customized product and the technology that powers it has been built from the ground, all the way up.

The next time you are tempted by a smart wallet, ask yourself if it has the smart technology and physical flexibility of the LEIF. Will it allow you to keep your own individual sense of fashion while preserving functionality? Will it allow you to maintain your professionalism? Will it keep you protected at home and while on the go? Will it work with you or pose the issue of a work around? There is nothing out there that comes close to the affordability and dependability of the LEIF.  Look out world because your wallet just got a whole lot smarter!