The world was excited for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. We eagerly awaited the new features from the phones, but when they were finally launched, one addition left us all scratching our heads: the removal of the headphone jack.

Since many people listen to music and podcasts from their phone, the world collectively groaned when it learned it would have to buy special Apple headphones or purchase headphone converters for their current headphones. And, it didn’t take long to realize that it seemed impossible to charge the phone while also listening to music. The Auxilite headphone converter offers a solution.

The founders say,

Truth be told, we couldn’t imagine smartphones without a 3.5mm audio jack so that’s why we created Auxillite to ease users into the transition.” So, the Auxillite converter was designed as a solution for dual charging and listening.

The 8mm device simply plugs into the iPhone 7’s port and offers two ports of its own: one for the chargers and one for 3mm headphones. This means that users can charge their phones while simultaneously listening to music or podcasts or FaceTiming. That is essential – since many of these activities can be a drain on battery life!

The headphone converter and charger are quite sleek – so sleek that it does not add significant width or length to the phone and works with most cases on the market. So far, it is available in silver and black and will have rose and gold available if the Kickstarter meets its stretch goals. These colors were chosen to blend into the current iPhone colors. It is water resistant and made of durable materials – critical since most of us take our phone’s with us everywhere.

This headphone converter has been extremely well received. It still has 22 days to go in its Kickstarter and has already raised $63,208. The initial goal was $60,000.

Chris Mills of BGR describes it as “the iPhone 7 dongle that Apple should have made.” He notes that the design of the Auxilite headphone converter is so subtle, one could leave it on their phone permanently.

He also describes it as a cost-effective solution. Early bird donors receive the Auxilite headphone converter for just $9. This price is much cheaper than investing in new pairs of wireless headphones and is cheaper than other comparable solutions on the market. The Belkin product, for example, is $39.99.

This product is also available as a stand called the Auxilite S, which is used to keep phones stationary on flat surfaces. Users can then watch content in portrait or landscape mode.

The Auxilite headphone converter allegedly also offers an improvement in sound quality. The converter blocks out ambient noise to increase audio quality. For that reason, Android users may also be interested in purchasing one. The Android version is only a headphone converter – it does not support simultaneous music listening and charging.

BGR predicts that Auxilite may have trouble keeping up with the demand for their converters, but the first shipments are slated to go out in January 2017.