It sometimes seems like we must be out of firsts in the technology field. It’s 2016 — what could possibly have not been invented yet? However, iLuun claims to have broken new ground. The product is advertised as “the first wireless USB 3.0 flash drive for smartphones.” According to its Kickstarter, “iLuun Air allows you to wirelessly store and share photos and videos, transfer files and media and stream HD movies using your mobile device.”

So what does that mean? We’ve all felt the pain of running out of storage space on our phones, just when we want to snap a picture or download a new Podcast. And sometimes the Cloud just seems so mysterious. Is it really safe with today’s concerns about cyber security? How easy is it to access? Can you confirm your backups ran successfully each and every time you run them? iLuun Air claims to be the answer to our storage woes.

iLuun Air is a wireless flash drive – which means that it was created to move data without cables and adapters. The product allows users to transfer files between computers, smartphones and tablets.

iLuun Transfer

So how does it work? I know my phone doesn’t have space for a flash drive, so I was eager to find out. iLuun Air relies on WiFi to transfer data. It has a built-in wireless adapter that “translates data into a radio signal.” You simply turn the device on, connect to its built-in WiFi (it does not require an Internet connection), open the iLuun App, and either view or transfer files.

iLuun is available in 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB – to suit any users need.And, it holds a charge. It can last up to 5 hours. So, beyond storage, it can be used for entertainment. Have an upcoming plane ride? Put a movie on iLuun and watch it in the air in the app’s built-in media player. You can even share with your traveling companions. With iLuun Air allows you to share media with up to 6 other users simultaneously or stream up to 3 different HD movies to three devices at the same time. Because it is so small, you can truly take it anywhere. It even includes a key ring loop.

iLuun Storage

The idea for iLuun was born in February 2015, and prototypes were produced throughout 2015 and up until August 2016. The Kickstarter launched in October and currently has 313 backers who have pledged a total of $34,090. There are 31 days to go and the project must raise $50,000 to be funded. If funded, mass production will begin in December and Kickstarter orders will be delivered in December 2016

iLuun fills such an obvious niche that it would be shocking if it were not fully funded. Our phones have gotten larger – but so has our media. Because we can do more on them, we fill them up quickly. iLuun seems to provide an easy and safe (it features built-in encryption) solution.