Nothing is better than throwing on your team gear and preparing for what you know will be an awesome game played by your favorite team, of course! You desire your experience to come with all of the fanfare…tailgating, hanging out, screaming your favorite cheers, and best of all- the great food that you will partake in before, during, and after the game. You already know what to expect from the closest concession stand. But, did you know, that even ballparks are trying to become even more health conscious? Okay, so they are not totally healthy, and if they were, that would definitely ruin the whole experience. But you do not have to eat total junk every time. Now, we are beginning to see healthier options being offered. So, you can snack good and feel better too. Here are some health conscious options that are being offered by many parks in the United States.

1. Sushi. Imagine having sushi delivered straight to you in the middle of your favorite ball gain. Talk about eating high class at a ballpark! This will be so much healthier than those loaded nachos you would have liked to order. And not only that, you will save time because you will not have to wait in a long line to receive it. Sushi provides vegetables, healthy carbs, and protein, of course. This is a dish that is bound to be consumed quickly by you and everyone sitting around you.


2. Nuts. So we all know, that boiled peanuts rule at the ballpark. Just take a look at the ground and notice all of the shells that have been trampled upon. But now, pistachios, which are known for being low fat and low calorie, are being offered as snack nuts at the game. Because of their protective shell, it will also take longer to eat, causing you to possibly eat less.


3. Light Sandwiches. Instead of hot dogs, you may be offered a grilled chicken sandwich on wheat, or have a healthy turkey option. These sandwiches are far healthier for you than other burgers and franks, with heavy laden chili, cheese, and other condiments. Lean protein is definitely the way to go.

Light Sandwich

4. Corn on the cob. Who doesn’t love a beautiful ear of corn? Corn is full of fiber and jam-packed with nutrients. Try to steer clear of corn toppings such as cheese, heavy butter, and mayo. You can spice thing up with jalapeno or chili powder.

Corn on the cob

5. Bowl of Fruit. Bowls of anything, nachos, popcorn, you name it, the ballpark has it. But now, parks are beginning to offer a bowl of fruit and even fresh vegetables…and it’s not just for the kids. It’s for adults too. Sliced fruit is always refreshing and hydrating during a hot day at the ballpark. And remember, as an adult, you are setting a great example for your children by selecting easy and healthy choices in a different environment. They copy what they see, and will be more likely to duplicate your behavior and habits.

Bowl of Fruit