With the festive Christmas season fast approaching, many pet lovers are looking at ways to show their beloved animals how much they care, and this year there are a whole host of fantastic luxury pet gifts available that they will simply adore.

Give Your Pets A Paw-fect Christmas

So, if you are finding yourself stuck with what to get for your dog or cat, the ideas below should help you get on track and help you make the most out of this special time of year with all your loved ones, including Fido and Felix.

Pawsecco – Non-Alcoholic Wine For Pets

If you yourself are fond of a glass or two of Prosecco, then why not indulge your pets with a bottle of their very own non-alcoholic tipple. Made from elderflower, ginseng, and blossom from the linden tree, this delicious concoction is designed to be served either over food or in a bowl for them to lap it up.

Bottom Sniffer Beer For Dogs

While the name may not sound too appealing to us mere humans, for dogs Bottom Sniffer Beer is a real treat. Made with non-alcoholic ingredients, including dandelion and burdock, it is also fortified with lots of health-boosting herbs. The perfect Christmas day treat for your pooch.

Pinot Meow For Cats

As we all know, cats tend to prefer the finer things in life, and there is nothing more perfect their food and affection servant can give them than a delicious bowl of Pinot Meow. The feline wine contains catnip, organic beets, a pinch of sea salt and mineral water and will have your cat as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

Dog Cologne

As every dog owner knows, sometimes their beloved pet pooch can smell less than fresh. Well, there are now various online outlets selling dog-friendly colognes that are fortified with skin and coat conditioning ingredients and will have old Rex smelling as fresh as a daisy in a few simple squirts.

Dog Advent Calendar

Who says that advent calendars are for children only?! This year, you can treat your dog to his or her very own advent calendar filled with delicious bone shaped treats made from organic cheese and herbs.

GPS Tracking Device

Ok, so this one is really for pet owners, but you can pretend it is for your precious pet. A GPS tracking device such as TrackR attaches to their collar and lets you find them with ease should they go missing. In fact, it is so simple to use, all you need is a smartphone and the device.

Kong Puzzle Treats

Lastly is the Puzzle Treat made by Kong. Dogs love nothing more than being distracted by a meat or cheese filled treat, and Kong’s help them work for their rewards. Not only will your dog love it, but it can save your sanity if you have a pooch that loves nothing more than chewing on the furniture.

So, now you have a better idea of what is out there on the market for your pets this Christmas, why not treat them to their own unique gift which they are guaranteed to love.