Most travelers have experienced the trauma of a fruitless Wi-Fi search. You’re running out of data and need to access the Internet for a map. You have an important business Skype call, and your signal is poor. You need to check your flight status, but are tired of roaming charges. It appears that one new company, GeeFi, has addressed this problem.

In December 2016, some lucky people will be among the first to feature truly untethered Wi-Fi from anywhere on earth. Some of them will even get free unlimited Wi-Fi – from five days to an entire year. That’s because some people backed GeeFi on Kickstarter, and they will soon reap the rewards.

GeeFi launched its Kickstarter campaign, and on October 24, 2016, GeeFi’s Kickstarter campaign will end. As of October 15, 2016, they had raised $166,057 – far surpassing their original $20,000 goal. They had 1,030 backers – showing how widespread the desire for this product is. So what is GeeFi? And why do so many people want it?

GeeFi touts that it will offer unlimited 4G Wi-Fi – everywhere. Its users will not experience roaming fees and will not to have to rely on SIM cards. According to it’s founders, the product will work in more than 100 countries and connect to up to 10 devices.

How GeeFi works

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  • The first step to using GeeFi is purchasing it. The products are about the size of an iPhone, and cost just over $100. They feature a 500maH Power-bank, a charge indicator and ports for both Micro-USB and USB.
  • After purchasing the product, you also have to purchase GeePasses, which are available for $10. Each GeePass enables you to 24 hours of unlimited 4G Wi-Fi. You can purchase these in advance of traveling in any quantity, or you can set it to auto-renew once you begin to run out of GeePasses.

This guarantees that if you’re working, your work will not be interrupted. Each pass allows for 24 uninterrupted hours of Internet access. Once you obtain the GeeFi, you simply have to turn it on and identify the Wi-Fi network and password. Finally, you connect your phone to the network – just like you would to a more traditional Wi-Fi network.

According to the founders, “When you power on your GeeFi, it automatically finds the strongest, fastest signal tower and begins to deliver high-speed 4G Wi-Fi to your device, wherever you are in the world.”

You can be about 100 feet away from the GeeFi and still experience a good connection.

Advantages of GeeFi

GeeFi eliminates the unexpected costs of traveling. When you buy GeePasses, you eliminate the risk of running out of data, using your personal cell phone data or experiencing expensive roaming fees. You can connect it to up to 10 devices – including phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, televisions and mores. The device lasts for about 30 hours. GeeFi is multi-functional. It can also serve as a 500maH power bank for any USB chargeable device. You can currently use GeeFi in 100 countries – from Australia to Vietnam. The founders are currently in talks to expand coverage even more. They say that by mid-2017, they will have doubled the amount of countries that they cover.

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In today’s economy, we’re expected to work – from anywhere. This type of work environment requires more flexible Wi-Fi solutions. It appears that this device has fulfilled a need experienced by many working travelers – and we’ll know for sure in December!