With the increase in crime around the globe, home security options have grown by leaps and bounds. In this age of technology, options have become more complex and smarter. Homes can now be locked digitally, monitored remotely, and controlled through WiFi.

Many people utilise video surveillance to keep continuous monitoring of their homes and businesses. These monitors are stationary and must be placed in multiple locations in each room if you wish to get a complete view of an area. To install these cameras, the cost can run substantially high. Not to mention all of the hooks ups and supplemental equipment you will need to work with the system. Omar Barlas, who lives in Texas, was in this kind of predicament. With his background in Software, he ventured out to create his own camera that would give him the ability to have a complete view of his home. From this need, the Orbii video camera came into existence.


The droid rolling camera would operate by rolling from room to room freely. A regular system would cost about $3000 to install. Having a single rolling camera would down costs substantially. I would do the work of a full load of cameras all by itself.

This project  that came to fruition received an honourable mention award at the CES Innovation Awards in 2016. Orbii is in the prototype phase but development is moving fast. The version in use can roll around and send a live video stream, but it is missing the ability of home protection. The first Orbiis should be available for purchase sometime in 2017.

The original Orbii quickly spins around as it rolls. The newer one is more stable and stays in the upright position. Weight has been added to the bottom by the drive positioning. The final version that is being worked on will contain a surface that will be more resistance to scratching. With the rotation and movement of the Orbii it is important that the outer shell is fully protected so that it can ensure and offer long lasting use. The stability is also important so that there are no issues with the drive in the near foreseeable future.

droid rolling camera


After so much time spent in development of droid rolling camera, is the ability to pick and choose from an array of colours offered by the makers of the Orbii. This will be able to be customised at the time of the order. This makes it convenient for individuals to pick their favourite colours. For those individuals who are nit picky about interior design, they will be able to coordinate the camera with their interior design plans. Being a smart device and so technologically advanced, the Orbii certainly has an advantage over other more traditional cameras being offered on the market today. The convenience and cost savings are also what will make the Orbii a home-run among fans. Keep your eyes open for this technology to hit the market soon, and be ready to grab yours when it becomes available.