Diskus – The first ever portable MFi watch charger designed specifically for Apple Watches.

Do you own an Apple Watch? How do you charge it on the go? The new Diskus gadget created by  ThanoTech, Inc is your new best friend. Apple watch designers definitely didn’t have convenience in mind when for on-the-go charging. Now, there will be no more fighting with your 3-6-foot charger while disassembling your charging station.  From the creators of the K11 Bumper… ThanoTech’s latest gadget is Diskus. The first ever portable MFi watch charger designed specifically for Apple Watches

Rather than using the lightning connector technology used by Apple, ThanoTech settled on the micro USB technology because it’s everywhere. You might be bummed out because you prefer the lightning connector but keep in mind, you are no longer limited to iPhone chargers. Ask your neighbour, someone will most likely have: a Bluetooth headset, portable speakers, power bank or Android phone user with a micro USB for you to use. Besides, the Diskus does include a cord – it doesn’t hurt to have a plan B, though.


The main reason ThanoTech invented the Diskus was due to the extensive cord length of 3-6-feet. The charging cord size has been reduced from down to 12-inches. A foot-long cord easily makes a go-to for a portable charger. The micro USB cord plugs into the magnetic Diskus which has a diameter of 1.26 inches, a height of .47 inches and weighs less than 6 oz. Both the magnetic charging disc as well as the cord fit perfectly in the provided pouch.


One of the great things about Diskus, is that it’s not a power bank. Instead, you have the capability to plug your Apple Watch into anything your micro USB cord will fit into such as your computer, a power bank, a wall charger, etc. You aren’t limited to the amount of time that can be saved in a power bank. You have the capability to charge it as much as you need to. Save your power bank juice for you phone!


Bonus fact: ThanoTech made a prototype with a battery as well as without the battery. The prototype with a battery was twice as large. A larger prototype usually means…more money. It cost twice as much to build the prototype with a battery! A Diskus made without the battery was more compact just as much as it was more cost effective. The final decision on whether to use create the portable charger with a battery or without a battery was simple. Keeping the end user in mind, the goal behind the design was to ensure it’s capabilities of being the go-to travel companion.


The Diskus invention created by ThanoTech will save you time, money as well as add more flexibility. No tangled mess in order to charge your Apple Watch for a trip or simply to make it through the day. No need to pay for an bulky battery that will take up more room. More flexibility with your charging options means no need to stress about your Watch dying to soon. Simply plug-in your foot-long Diskus charger (or ask your neighbour) and relax.