A new start-up taxi service, Cargar Motorcycle Taxi, has caught the eye of budgeting Pakistanis. Cargar Motorcycle Taxi is the first motorcycle taxi service servicing Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Not only are Pakistanis more comfortable with riding on two wheels, the traditional way, but Cargar is a cheaper option than most other taxi-services available in Pakistan.

Other taxi-services options available in Pakistan include: Careems, Travly and Ubers. Though there is a wide variety, most services involve more than two wheels as a car or a rickshaw. These services more often than not also have additional waiting and base charges which causes the final bill higher than most can afford.

Higher taxi fares was the inspiration to create Cargar. Farhan Ahmed, a graduate from NUST and a software engineer by trade is the man behind Cargar. His thoughts were “Pakistanis need cheaper transportation options,” introducing bike-taxis.

Cargar Motorcycle Taxi Service

Cargar Charges

The cost to run a motorcycle is much cheaper than a car. This is why Cargar is able to keep there service at such a low cost of 15 PKR per KM. The best part is: there are NO additional charges as seen with other riding services. The charges seen with other companies are: waiting charges, base fare, cancellation charges, etc. These fees are non-existent at Cargar so it’s really the most affordable option for average Pakistanis.

Some Difference between Cargar and Taxi service

Another difference between Cargar Motorcycle Taxi and other taxi services in Pakistan is the responsibility of the vehicles and their riders. The CEO, Farhan, plans to keep responsibility of the vehicles as well as his riders until they are more established. The bikes used for his startup, Cargar, will remain in-house – meaning, riders won’t need to supply their own vehicle as they do with other taxi services.

This more affordable taxi service is a fairly new start-up as it only launched this past Monday, August 22, 2016. Cargar is only limited to the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, but there is plan for expansion. Due to the possible concerns and safety restrictions, Farhan believes it would be best to wait for the business to solidify. Once they are established, Cargar Motorcycle Taxi will expand to Lahore and Karachi.

Concerns about Cargar Motorcycle Taxi Service

One of the concerns that have been mentioned is the revenue sharing model. Farhan says there will be a little investment for riders however, there monthly income should generate largely. This investment could be to cover the cost of the motorcycles purchased for Cargar. This revenue-sharing model differs from other taxi service so this is viewed as uncharted territory that could make possible subscribers uncomfortable.

Another concern is that Cargar is a web-based taxi service. They have not developed a mobile app for the service yet (they are currently working on it right now). Since it’s only web-based, tracking your ride is not possible until the app has been created.


Finally, the safety and security of passengers is the greatest concern of all. Driving motorcycles may be cheaper however, it’s more dangerous because they are smaller, less visible and are more prone to tipping over. The company, Cargar, will have to train their drivers thoroughly to ensure consumer confidence.

Cargar has a few kinks to workout in order to establish themselves as well as gain market confidence. However, if they accomplish to work it out, Cargar will be the best option for cheaper fare taxi service in Pakistan. Keep your tabs on this company so you can learn about their progress and stay up to date with their successes.

Via: ProPakistani