Camorama: The 4K Action VR & 360 Degree Cam Made For Sharing is the future of video. With Camorama, not only do you see the full spectrum of images, but you can share those images on all social media sites. Your friends can be with you while you skydive, take an amazing helicopter trip, go surfing, or go to a concert, to name just a few. Not only that, but the Camorama has a 90 minute record time, which is longer than any other consumer camera of its kind.


The Best 360 Degree Camera of its Kind

Camorama allows you to see beyond the rectangle or square to which we’ve been confined for so long. This camera lets you record everything happening around you at one time. With a headset, you can go hiking in Glacier National Park and then relive it over and over again, as if you were there.

Camorama image

Camorama’s image quality is the best, and it is incredibly simple to use. It has a full-featured app for sharing and using time lapsing. As with most 360 degree cameras that need to capture a wide spectrum of action, the Camorama is designed with more than one bulbous lens. As such, it is best to set the camera as far from your body as possible so that you don’t ruin your shot. You will also want to use a selfie stick with the Camorama; this makes it easier to use while walking, and avoids getting your finger in the way of the shot.

Camorama images 2

With smartphones, the Camorama works like all 360’s do; a Wi-Fi hotspot is activated when you turn it on, and this, of course, connects the camera to your phone. You then open the camera app and you can use your phone’s display window as a viewfinder. The Camorama is easy to use, an the video feed was of really good quality. There are no stutters or jumps in your shots, and the action is quite smooth

Camorama Conclusion:

The Camorama is the best of its kind. It is the future of photographic technology, and it will make your trips soar with its potential. Having a birthday party for your 100 year old grandmother? Use the Camorama to record it. When you watch, you will feel like she is in the room with you long after she is gone. Participating in your first dirt-bike tournament? Wear the Camorama and capture your ride. Use it to study your performance. Speaking of performance: are you an actor? Use the Camorama during rehearsal to capture the life of your scene. Take the Camorama on a picnic, take it with you when you go bird watching, fishing, golfing. Use the Camorama in any setting, and you will be glad you did.

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