More and more products are coming out to help us, as people, live with as little stress as possible! A new gadget, The Nut Find 3 by Nut Technology, will truly help users worry less about their everyday items. This device is a tracker, that not only helps you find your keys – but your wallet, your phone, your bag…Nearly anything! This device is directed to help a variety of ages find a variety of items. No matter how old you are, no matter what you frequently lose, this device will truly benefit you. When the user thinks, they have misplaced or lost an item; they can easily go onto Nut’s app to locate their item. The company states, “Our team is always seeking innovation and improvements, and will continue to release app software upgrades regularly,” which is great news because this means the company is always looking to better their design and technology!

Companies who offer to always better their products are typically more reliable. The Nut company has had two previous models of this device, and they also offer a mini version of the Nut Finder, in case your item is smaller than the original Nut Finder. The company has already made improvements twice. Due to this, customers know they are getting what they are paying for!

This device couldn’t get any easier to use! The device comes with a battery that lasts up to a year long, so users don’t need to worry about changing the battery often, which makes the device more convenient. The company who makes Nut Find 3, is all about convenience. Say you lose your keys, and your Nut Find three is attached, you just simply go to the app and locate your keys. There are two modes on the app.

nut find 3

The anti-loss mode and the find it mode. The anti-loss mode allows customers to set perimeters around their work and home, so they know their items are always near. The find mode tracks down the device or item and helps you find the item you have lost. There are many highly rated reviews on this item, “Very pleased with this item,” says an Amazon customer. By reading reviews, people who are interested in purchasing the item can note the reliability and understand the product in the customer’s’ eyes.

Nut technology has been operating since 2013. Since 2013, the company has developed four Nut Find products. Nut Technology is currently offering a coupon to get fifteen percent off, with the code “off15$”! This makes the device even more affordable than it already is! With the Nut Find three being affordable, convenient, and reliable, there is no real reason for people who are interested not to take a chance and try this device. If they are unhappy, the company simply asks to contact them. This device could not be more of a steal, or bargain, and may just make people more at ease knowing they will always be able to find their possessions quickly.