When you are young and have few responsibilities, finding time to exercise is a snap. In college, you could go to the gym between classes or late at night (no 9 to 5 job to wake up for!). Even just walking around a college campus can provide ample exercise. But as an adult, getting fit and staying fit can present more of a challenge. Read this article for the best fitness tips for the working adult.

1) See how your employer can help: Some employers may incentivize exercise. For example, some insurance companies may reimburse gym memberships, while other employers have been known to pay for equipment for your workout of choice. According to a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, “Workplace wellness programs are gaining popularity, and more than 80% of large employers are now using some form of financial incentive to increase physical activity.” Consult with your employer’s human resources department to see what is available to you. And, if your office has a wellness department, see if they will share their best fitness tips with you.

2) Incorporate exercise into your commute: Some of the easiest and best fitness tips do not involve formal exercise. See if it is possible to walk or bike to work. If it is not, park farther away from your office (you can leave dress shoes at your desk if necessary). Take the stairs to your department rather than the elevator. They might seem like small changes, but small increases in exercise can make a big difference in your overall health.

3) Start a healthy lunch group: Join forces with your colleagues to commit to a healthier lifestyle. This could mean pledging to bring healthier lunch options or going for a brisk walk together at lunch. If you have available meeting rooms, you could even schedule brief yoga or pilates workouts at lunch, using free tutorials available on YouTube. You and your colleagues can exchange your best fitness tips to keep each other motivated.

4) Workout at your desk: The best fitness tips are those you can easily incorporate into your workday. You can make exercise part of your daily routine by exercising at your desk. For example, if you sit on a yoga ball, rather than a chair, for at least part of the work day, you will increase your core strength. You can even use the yoga ball for additional exercises if you have a few moments to yourself throughout the day. Some offices actually have treadmill desks, so employees can walk while working. It sounds tricky, but it is actually quite simple to get accustomed to multitasking in this way.

5) Join a gym near your office: Even after incorporating exercise into your workday, you might still desire additional fitness opportunities. Join a workout facility near your office, and simply consider the 45 minutes or so you spend working out an extension of your workday routine. You can bring your exercise clothes to the office to make the transition from office to gym easy. And, if you join a gym with personal trainers, be sure to ask them to share their best fitness tips with you as well.