According to Microsoft, who announced the HoloLens in January 2015 (1), holograms are now a reality for the world to enjoy. Hololense totally changes the whole world. Now a days people are totally depending on this new technology. HoloLens is compatible with any type of the user that decides to use it. It can be used at different type of the platforms such as video games and Netflix, business meetings (Hololense playing important role) and visual calls with clients from anywhere in the world with Internet connection and most important thing is that hololense is also using by the New Channels. The interactions involved with the HoloLens consist of touch, sound, voice, and gestures.


When we talk about the augmented reality then first thing that comes in our mind is that. Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with that environment in which user is working in real time.

The creation of holograms it has taken augmented reality devices to a whole new level of awesome.  According to TruLife Optics, Using holograms is the only way that currently exists of providing transparent, high resolution, full colour 2D and 3D images in optics used for wearable augmented reality devices

which would extend the creative options that you could release from your imagination and bring it to life right in front of you.

Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data

This will bring a whole new edge to industries and this totally inverted the old concepts and give a new start to the technology with better information and better technology and that create prototypes and allow for gamer’s to feel fully immersed in their game play.  There are endless ways that this will bring ideas, creative ideas and thoughts to life.


Many companies are taking advantage of this trend, so it’s becoming a little bit more accessible to the average person whether using the devices they create and for the mobile industry.  This will no doubt also aide in a new format for many theme parks to go into a new direction to offer this for their patrons.  It’s not a distant thing of the faraway future, it’s a reality and according to Digi-Capital

We forecast that AR/VR could hit $150B revenue by 2020, with AR taking the lion’s share around $120 billion and VR at $30 billion.

So this is a reality that is being seen right now and will only grow as the technology gets more fine tuned with real users to offer ways to make it even better.




The applications for businesses such a engineering and architecture will bring to the forefront much more elaborate construction and projects.  Beyond that, the technology of holograms with augmented reality would also bring more realistic training operations and so much more to our military forces and ensure that the ability to view things in real life style bringing us to the level of training that is indescribable.  The fact that the technology is still in it’s early beginnings and is costly, the common person probably won’t be the benefiting party to this, and industries that have the means would be able to afford it and let’s face it, it would bring everything to a whole new level and would be worth their investment.  Perhaps with a bit of time and tweaking, this too shall be a reality for us all.