Halloween is not the only mysterious day coming up at the end of October. Apple will host a special event on October 27 – and that event is suspected to include the launch of the new MacBooks.

Apple sent out invitations for the alleged MacBook Event on October 19. The invitations are vague. They say, “Hello again” – hearkening back to the original Apple ad from 1984, which just said, “Hello.” They allude to an event that will kick off at 10 a.m. Pacific Time at Apple’s Cupertino, California, campus. The invitations are very simple – featuring an Apple logo and a black haze.

Although the event is not described by Apple as a MacBook Event, technology experts have reason to suspect that that product line will be the focus. MacBook users have been eagerly anticipating a MacBook event to launch major updates to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The last MacBook Pro Event was in spring of 2015, and several Apple events this year passed without mention of the MacBook.

In fact, MacBook fans were so worried about the lack of recent MacBook Events that they reached out to CEO Tim Cook to ask if Apple was preparing to abandon its Mac line. Tim Cook soothed their fears, assuring MacBook fans that Apple remains committed to its laptop offerings. In September, he wrote, “I love the Mac and we are very committed to it. Stay tuned.”

Apple also recently moved its quarterly earnings call from October 27, the date of the purported MacBook Event, to October 25, citing a scheduling conflict. Many outlets believe this is because the company is planning to unveil new Macs on that date. They believe the quarterly earnings call may have negative news, and that Apple will want to bolster investor confidence with an exciting MacBook Event afterward.

Rumors are swirling about the specific changes that will be even at the MacBook Event. One purported update is that the new laptops will have USB-C ports, rather than standard USB ports. Some sources also suspect that a 13-inch and 15-inc Retina MacBook Pro will be showcased, as well as Touch ID to match the iPhones. Technology journalists also predict that the new laptops will also feature an OLED display touch bar, which will have functionality to adjust to specific users and applications. Early images of the new MacBook Pro appeared to show space for the OLED touch bar.

The laptops shown at the MacBook Event will also be thinner and lighter than the previous models.

Sources also wonder if the MacBooks will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack — following in the footsteps of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

While these rumors have not yet been confirmed by Apple, this release date would make sense. A late October launch will allow Apple to continue to build buzz going into the holiday season.